Tuesday, 17 January 2017

My first Blood Bowl league!

Cork’s Carnage Cup!
My first Blood Bowl league!

Welcome to the first Blood Bowl centred post on my Blog! In this post I shall talk about my first Blood Bowl league game against some Dark Elves and also my teams roster and plans for the team as I learn to play Blood Bowl and develop strategies, in which feel free to add some advice.

The Team!

So this is my team roster (above). So as you see number 7, ‘Mrug’ was a casualty from the first game as he ran head first into a Dark Elf witch. Also number 10, a Black Orc Blocker got MVP as he was nominated after smashing an Elf, and here are three players that were nominated…

Gorsnik (Centre) was nominated because of a completion point, and Zagrak (Right) was nominated for a casualty point, and finally Garuk (Left) was nominated because he was the only other painted model at the time. Which I find funny, hopefully I can progress a little more on the painting of my team as I move through the league.

The First Game!

The Game was ‘Malice in Chains’ Vs ‘The Brute Squad’ (Home VS Away). First half was a brutal fight between the two sides as the orcs kicked off. It was a long fight for four turns then the elves broke through and scored a touchdown in the fourth turn. The fight continued as this time the orcs had the ball but the elves fought them off long enough till half time.

Battered and beaten the Orcs gather some vigour after kicking a few squids in the dugout and make to the pitch for the second half as the elves are about to kick off a blizzard sweeps onto the pitch which might prove handy for the orcs as the slippery elves start to slow… But the elves still prevailed and scored yet another touchdown, making it 2-0. Then what seems like a turn of luck, the Orcs have the ball and are fighting up the field, knocking elves left, right and centre but the elves held them off until full time where number one of The Brute Squad was 5 squares from the touch line.

A sad loss for the orcs and an amazing first win in the cup for the Dark elves. Below will be some pictures from the game. More to come as the league progresses, Every match! Every Change!  

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Update!... Finally.

Update!... Finally!
Rebirth of a Blogger!

(New Profile Pic)

Trying to better about this whole blogging thing… so since I’ve got a better phone now I can take better pictures, so that means better quality posts, which motivates me, so here’s how the updates will be rolling out…

There are now different pages on the blog for the different systems in which I’ll be posting about, as you see above; Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl, Warhammer 30k, and a page for Inquisitor 28mm and Armies on Parade 2017, all in order of how frequent they will be updated. All posts will also appear on the main page.

Foundation posts will be set for the new layout of the page and they will be posted in the next week. These foundation posts will, yeah you guessed it! Be the foundation of each section detailing the projects I’m working and nice pictures to go along, and the leagues I’m running in as where I stand in them and a few “BATREPs”.

So Stay tuned to Instagram for regular updates, hopefully… I’m trying to be good at that too. And throughout this week on the blog and Facebook. For more bloggers check the Links in the margin!