Sunday, 8 January 2017

Update!... Finally.

Update!... Finally!
Rebirth of a Blogger!

(New Profile Pic)

Trying to better about this whole blogging thing… so since I’ve got a better phone now I can take better pictures, so that means better quality posts, which motivates me, so here’s how the updates will be rolling out…

There are now different pages on the blog for the different systems in which I’ll be posting about, as you see above; Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl, Warhammer 30k, and a page for Inquisitor 28mm and Armies on Parade 2017, all in order of how frequent they will be updated. All posts will also appear on the main page.

Foundation posts will be set for the new layout of the page and they will be posted in the next week. These foundation posts will, yeah you guessed it! Be the foundation of each section detailing the projects I’m working and nice pictures to go along, and the leagues I’m running in as where I stand in them and a few “BATREPs”.

So Stay tuned to Instagram for regular updates, hopefully… I’m trying to be good at that too. And throughout this week on the blog and Facebook. For more bloggers check the Links in the margin!

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