Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My Kollection of Khorne.

So here is my second blog post and it has been about two weeks from the first blog post “What’s this blog about?” so I hope everyone has had some fortuitous luck in their battles across both Warhammer:  Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40’000, I’ll have something to talk about in that realm in another post, so this week will be double posts.

This post is going to be a base post for my main project that I’m working on and then I’ll be building off showing my progress in future posts and hopefully not get caught up in painting and forgetting to take pictures of different stages.

So first off a Heldrake’s eye view of my Khorne Daemonkin collection so far…

Next up is the troops! So troop list so far is; two, ten units of Bloodletters, a (WIP) 7-man Bezerker unit which will max at fifteen and (WIP) Chaos Space Marine unit.

Bloodletter unit No.1:

Bloodletter in front has been converted using parts found in the bloodletter kit as the guitar is made up for the Iron icon turned upside down and the arms cut to fit in place.

Bloodletter unit No.2:

Bezerker Unit:

On-going (WIP) Chaos space marine/Chosen unit:

CSM no.1 is the regular chosen model from the dark vengeance box set and he is standing on a modified flame stand from a Bloodthirster kit.
CSM no.2 has no mods just a pretty paint job.

Next up is the big baddies.
First off the big daemon himself, Skarbrand!

Absolute awesomely sculpted model, had so much fun painting it but as I was taking pictures I spotted some stuff that need to be fixed that you can probably spot. With the wings I went for a flesh tone instead of the black in the GW pictures.

Daemon Prince of Khorne:

Daemon princes are always a fun model to make and paint didn’t do any conversions just messed around with different heads and armour pieces and opted for the lovely wings of course along with the most khone-y head plus went for the one shoulder pad for the whole gladiator look. This model still needs a bit of work I’d say, just a few highlights and extra definitions.
 Other units;
The Funwagon! (Skull Cannon)

So I messed around with the crew on this one which might make it more difficult to transport but the kept falling off anyway. So one bloodletter is straddling the cannon cause if anything in the 40k universe can be funny it would be lesser daemons and goblins, and the other guy is just hanging off the back. This model was really fun to paint especially the skull cannon and again needs some highlights on the armour.

Next… a Helbrute.

This guy was from the Dark Vengeance box set and when it was opened this guy was a bit distorted and his legs were bent out of shape so they were eventually fixed and during the painting of this mini my Reikland Fleshshade was all messed up and when I put it on it left this effect of regular fleshshade and the white bits all over which I like and adds to the demonic grotesquery of the hell brute.

Finally, the last part to the ‘Tide’ is some lovely possessed in which I used once in battle.

These guys were very fun to make and paint as you get tons of options to mess with and the different parts to paint, it’s real fun, pity they’re only meh in battle.

So this is my Daemontide so far.. next addition to the Daemontide will be a SOUL GRINDER! Stay tuned this weekend for a recent battle report Daemontide vs Tyranids! And early next week for a breakdown of the Soul Grinder’s development.

Blood for the Blood God! And Skulls for the Skull Throne!

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