Wednesday, 29 June 2016

First Blog Post, Ahoy!

What’s this blog about?

          The main focus of this blog is to show and talk about miniature painting like; Warhammer 40’000, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and minis from board games. I will also be doing conversions like my pride and joy pictured below this paragraph.

          As well as miniature painting, I will hopefully sometime in the very near future, will be writing short stories of the sci-fi and fantasy genres. I will also be aspiring towards starting a web-comic and/or start producing various one off comic stories the length of regular trade comic books, and hopefully produce physical copies down the line… in my dreams really.

          And they will be the main foci of my blog and the minor foci that sometimes will become prominent in the content that flows through the blog and the social medias (Facebook, Instagram) will be a weekly post where I’ll talk about so random stuff like exciting announcements or just random thoughts, Some talk about video games, and maybe some D.I.Y projects.

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